The indestructible bed system.
       Introducing the ultimate, indestructible bedding system available today - TITAN

What makes Titan so special and different from the rest? Titan fabric is specially engineered to be the best. Formulated for strength and comfort at the same time, Titan has proven itself in real world testing against the most aggressive pets we could find.

Continuous Improvement-
There is always a better product out there. This is what we know, and with over a year of research, testing, trial and error into the world of what bedding works and what doesn't.

Our test beds were sent customers who had a problem with one of our products, and their dog was able to destroy the bed. What better opportunity to improve, make the customer happy, and make the pet comfortable?

About the fabric -We have a new improved fabric available! The gray was giving problems and we now have a waterproof black color. We will get pictures up as soon as possible with the new color. The performance has improved for the same cost!

           Titan is a step above other nylon fabrics.
           The performance record speaks for itself.

28" x 42" x 2"
18" x 24" x 2"
21" x 30" x 2"
24" x 36" x 2"
26" x 42" x 2"
30"x 48" x 2"
37"x 54" x 2"
Here from a search engine?
It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.
--Mark Twain

How it all works -  Part one.....The Bed
The Titan bed system is in two parts. Similar to our Super-Crate beds in that they secure down to the crate, that is where the similarity ends. Titan beds use small sewn in loops, strategically placed around the perimeter o the bed, and nylon cable ties to strap down to the crate. The nylon cable ties give a much more secure, and strong bond between the bed and the crate.

How it all works -  Part two.....The Barrier
The second part to the system is as innovative as it is effective! A plastic barrier is installed after the bed, and is secured down to the crate as well. The barrier is fabricated from plastic fittings, and protects the outer edges of the bed from a pets prying teeth. This has not failed in all of our tests, and is so effective, it will be added as an option to our Dura-Crate and Super-Crate products. The barrier is made to fit your crate, and you will simply need to do some measuring to tell us the dimensions. This insures a proper fit, and great performance.   Wire crates are easy to measure, and we ask you measure to the nearest 1/4"

For special sizes not listed here, please use our contact form. We will be happy to quote you on what you need.
Your Titan is backed by a 30 day performance guarantee. If the pet is able to destroy the bed in this time frame, we will refund the purchase price after the bed is returned to us. We are confident this bed will give superior performance when compared to anything else that may be available today.

The Titan bed system provides a comfortable solution for a crated pets needs.
From Becky in AL-
Before this bed came along, I tried everything I could think of for my dog's crate, from blankets to sheets to thick denim beds.  He would destroy everything I put in there, usually within the first day!  I've had this Titan bed for three weeks now, and there's not a single rip, tear, or scratch. 
Now my dog finally has something to lay on during the day besides the cold, hard plastic tray in the bottom of his crate!    

Murphy and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.